International Kitchen Tools

Lovers of international food will surely love international kitchen tools in their home collections. Mexican cooks always have a molcajete, tortilla press, and hot chocolate molinillo whisk in their kitchen. Thai chefs know the importance of a well-crafted knife. These are not "one-and-done" tools - they've been in use for centuries, and for good reason. The molcajete can be used for making everything from salsa to guacamole to queso fundido, in addition to grinding herbs and spices for a variety of recipes. A citrus juicer is perfect for the morning cup of juice, and for making a vinaigrette to go with your citrus marinade for dinner. A molinillo will not only whip up the perfect cup of Mexican hot chocolate, it can also be used as a cocktail muddler. And of course, an all-purpose chefs knife will be a go-to any day. These valuable tools from around the world will find a special spot in the kitchen of novice and experienced home chefs alike.