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Namji Dolls


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Let's add some color and culture to your home with these beautiful and unique Namji Figures.

No Finer Doll 

Originating from the Namji Tribe in Northwest Cameroon, these dolls are considered to be among the finest dolls in Africa. 

Talk about Tradition

These dolls are traditionally made for young girls to play with.  The doll would have a name, be fed, be talked to, and be carried strapped to the back everywhere the child would go.  The Namji Doll helps prepare young women for their roles as a mother. Adult women also keep these to encourage fertility and as a good omen for easy childbirth.

Artisan Made, with Love.

We work with artisans who have migrated from Cameroon to Morocco.  Each doll is handmade with love and it shows in the detail.  They are crafted from a variety of wood, beads, shells and metal.


Clean with a damp cloth.


Light Blue 21", Black 16.5", Striped 15", Yellow 18"

***Please note: Sizes may vary due to hand-made nature of artisan work.