Zoom Moroccan Vintage Kilim Poufs
Zoom Moroccan Vintage Kilim Poufs
Zoom Moroccan Vintage Kilim Poufs

Moroccan Vintage Kilim Poufs


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These beautiful Poufs (or floor cushions) are made from vintage Moroccan Kilim rugs by talented artisans in Marrakesh, Morocco. Kilim rugs are known for the geometrically patterned, hand woven details. Because each rug is different, each of our Kilim Poufs will be completely different in color and pattern.

If you would like to know what styles we currently have in stock, please email bella@verveculture.com.

Vintage Style, Season-to-Season

The history of Moroccan Kilim rugs dates as far back as the Paleolithic Era. Traditionally, they were woven by the Berber tribes for their utility, reflecting Morocco's distinctive climate. Vegetable dyes are used to give the Berber Wool it’s rich color. Hand woven and knotted by the women of the tribe, each rug can take up to a year to complete.

These Poufs are used in Morocco for floor cushions and are traditionally stuffed with off-season clothes such as kaftans – in the winter the summer kaftans are stored in the Pouf and in the summer the winter kaftans are stored in the Pouf. If you are short on kaftans that need seasonal storage, may we recommend stuffing with old towels or blankets, you can also stuff with inexpensive pillows.

Dimensions & Care

A kilim rug must be cleaned by hand with a brush and gentle cleaning solution. We recommend a mixture of vinegar and water. Stains must be treated quickly, though stubborn marks should only be treated for professional cleaners.

For spot cleaning: Remove any debris or liquid as soon as possible.  Blot stain with paper towel or white rag. Continue blotting with water and vinegar solution.  For stubborn stains, pour baking soda on stain and let sit for 10 mins, vacuum up baking soda and blot with vinegar and water solution until stain is removed.

6" tall / 24" long / 24" wide (size may vary slightly due to the handmade nature)

*Each pouf comes unstuffed, so you can choose to use the pouf for storage or use traditional batting.  Sizing mentioned is with cushion stuffed.