Zoom Thai Chef's Knife #1
Zoom Thai Chef's Knife #1
Zoom Thai Chef's Knife #1
Zoom Thai Chef's Knife #1

Thai Chef's Knife #1

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This Knife will Transport Shoppers to a Time in Taiwanese History

From beautiful swords to chef’s knives, our Thai blacksmiths have adapted their skills since the days of the Thai-Burma war. Today, they make Thai knives from stainless steel, cut and sharpened to traditional standards. This chef's knife has a full tang blade set in a smooth, native Thai Pradu wood handle. It’s a medium-weight cleaver with rounded corners, making it a hard-working jack-of-all-trades that feels just right in your hand. Great for all-around cooking.

Perfect Control
This medium-weight cleaver is a knife that’s perfect for most cooking. Made with a shorter knife face, it’s easier to control - especially for those with smaller hands. 

Meet our Blacksmiths
A whole community is involved in a different part of the steel forging process! Families form co-operatives and have skilled workers dedicated to forging, grinding, stamping, woodwork, and finishing. Learn more about them here.


Each knife comes in its own bamboo box that is almost as beautiful as the knife!  Written inside each box, is an exciting piece of history of the knife that will transport buyers to a moment in history.

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