Zoom Mexican Hot Chocolate Gift Set - Small
Zoom Mexican Hot Chocolate Gift Set - Small
Zoom Mexican Hot Chocolate Gift Set - Small
Zoom Mexican Hot Chocolate Gift Set - Small

Mexican Hot Chocolate Gift Set - Small

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Savor the warmth and richness of a beloved Mexican tradition with our Mexican Hot Chocolate Gift Set. This delightful set is a celebration of authentic Mexican flavors, crafted to bring the flavors and artistry of Mexico right to your doorstep.

What's Included

Villa Real Mexican Hot Chocolate with Almonds: Made in Oaxaca using a traditional recipe, this Mexican Hot Chocolate is made with simple ingredients; just cocoa butter, sugar, almond, and other nuts and spices. The result? The most delicious cup of Mexican Hot Chocolate you've ever tasted. You'll get a bag of 5 tablets (250g) to mix with milk or water to savor by the fireside.

Set of 2 Clay Mugs: Clay cookware is a staple in Mexican Kitchens. Passed down by the Aztecs, it’s preferred for the unique flavor it lends to food. This handcrafted jug is made with ancient hand-molding techniques from the past, and finished with new techniques (and a lead-free glaze, of course) to be both functional and decorative.

Small Traditional Molinillo Whisk: Our Small Molinillo is handcrafted out of natural alder wood, with one-of-a-kind details burned into each whisk. Quickly move the molinillo back and forth between the palms of your hands, and the wooden rings and holes in this traditional Mexican cooking tool will mix the chocolate up while creating a cloud-like froth. This 10'' version can be used right inside the mugs, or in a saucepan for larger batches.

All items in this collection are handmade by artisans in Mexico.

Dimensions & Care

Do not put the mugs or Molinillo in the dishwasher - hand wash only. Mugs are prone to cracking if they are exposed to extreme temperature changes.

Molinillo - 9'' - 10” long
Mug - 4 x 4'', each cup holds appx. 14 oz.
Villa Real Hot Chocolate - 5 disc bag, 250g